Capacity Building

MENA: Supraregional “National Regulations RE/EE”

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Technical Support for an Economic, Technological and Environmental Impact Assessment of National Regulations and Incentives for RE / EE (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestinian Terr., Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria)

Services provided

  • Promotion of accelerated deployment of cost-effective RE & EE technologies in RCREEE member countries
  • Increase of the market shares for MENA-based RE & EE companies
  • Strengthening of policy planners from RCREEE member states in the application of methodologies for the execution of “evidence based policies”, “theory based evaluation’’, “economic analysis of policy instruments” and “integration of climate policy benefits in national energy planning”
  • Recommendations to policy planners in RCREEE member states on the adjustment of policy making processes
  • Provision of the overview to policy planners and policy makers in RCREEE member states of how their EE & RE technology policies compare with efforts of other countries in the region


Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency






EUR 0.5 M